The Corporatization of Our Sexuality

Posted on: November 1st, 2013 4:16 PM

If we want to understand the sexual exhibitionism of our day we have to understand the significance of the stories the culture tells. If you want to understand why on Halloween costumes portraying: nurses, nuns, Indians, and maids, all become thinly veiled prostitution attire you must understand the cultural narrative regarding feminine sexuality.

As we grow up we look to the world around us to interpret what it means to be a socially acceptable man or woman. If you’re a girl you quickly learn that your worth is measured by your sex appeal. The culture’s story about femininity is extremely narrow. In television shows, music videos, sports, movies, and advertising there is a very consistent narrative in the portrayal of women and girls: they are one-dimensional sex objects.

Girls internalize this message as they grow up and over time it becomes woven into the core of their identity. By the time most reach adolescence they have become fully amalgamated into the culture’s narrative – To be powerful, accepted, celebrated, appreciated, and adored – to be VISIBLE, you must be SEXUAL. The alternative is to be rendered completely and entirely irrelevant – to be made INVISIBLE.

Given the narrow choices for women and girls it is no surprise that so many opt for the way of the formulaic pseudo-empowered sexbot. For them, this is not as much about choice as it is about survival.

The irony of it all is that the Corporate Pimps who are the ones profiting off of this colonization of our sexuality like MTV, Cosmopolitan, the Music Industry, the Advertising Industry, etc… have convinced us that we are rebelling, that we are edgy, that we are INDIVIDUALS, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. Rather, we are simply conforming to the cultures narrative as designed and defined by the very corporations that have hijacked our sexuality and degraded our humanity – at our expense.

Sorry your costume didn’t impress me this Halloween, but I did understand it. In the meantime, I’ll keep working with real prostituted women and girls who understand that objectifying and exploiting your sexuality is anything but sexy.

The Walking Dead

Posted on: October 16th, 2013 1:25 PM

A couple Christian buddies recently turned me on to the hit television show The Walking Dead. “It’s great story telling” I was told. Having seen the show popping up everywhere I decided to give it a shot, pulling it up on Netflix late last night: Season 1 Episode 1.

The first scene opens with a small-town cop happening upon an abandoned wreck of cars at a gas station where he notices a young girl (approximately 8yrs old) in pajamas picking up a teddy bear in the midst of the wreckage. He calls out to her, but as she turns toward him it’s revealed that she’s been zombified. The cop knows what he must do. He draws his firearm and without hesitation fires a bullet straight into her forehead. The shows Director pulls no punches in capturing this execution in full visceral quality, providing a close-up of the blood squirting out the back of her head as she falls to the ground revealing the bullet hole in her forehead.

The second scene has the cop sitting in a police car with his partner talking about “chick’s”. In referencing the female gender plural, the main character’s partner casually calls them “pairs of boobs.” The main character chimes in to offer his insight into the difference between men and “pairs of boobs” – “pairs of boobs” say really cruel things to men that men would (apparently) never ever say to women. How ironic. The scene ends with the viewer expected to sympathize with poor men who are victim to the cruel slurs of women.

In the next scene the main character catches a bullet in his side during a dramatic shootout with some random outlaws. He winds up in a hospital where he is visited by his partner and apparent best friend while he is in a comatose state. Eventually he wakes up to discover that the hospital has been abandoned and the town overrun with zombies. He walks to his house to find his family, but it appears they have fled town along with every other able person in the wake of the zombie apocalypse – that is, except for one man and his son.

This new character (a hyper-dramatic over-actor) has stayed behind to deal with unfinished business – assassinating his zombified wife with a scoped bolt-action rifle from the second story of a suburban middle class home while his son grimaces downstairs

The main character leaves town to begin the noble search for his wife and son in Atlanta where it is rumored survivors have gone. As he approaches the city the scene switches to his wife and son who have taken up residence in an encampment somewhere outside the city with the main character’s partner. Makes sense. After all, what are best friends for if not for protecting your wife and child in your absence? Not so fast. The scene shifts to the wife and best friend having a hot and steamy kiss inside one of the tents. Nothing quite like an adulterous affair in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

The episode ends with the main character sitting in a military tank surrounded by zombies. Oooo… what’s next???

Welcome to the 21st Century where the The Walking Dead is the new Andy Griffith show – the new normal. An age in which a zombified generation whose circuits have been so blown out by porn and video games that television shows featuring the brutal graphic execution style killing of young girls with teddy’s bears, assassination of our wives, and adulterous affairs, all underpinned by a hyper-masculine sexist and misogynist worldview are just good entertainment and “great story-telling.”

The God Who Delights in Showing Mercy

Posted on: August 7th, 2012 9:43 AM

“Who is a God like You, pardoning iniquity… because He delights in mercy… You will cast all our sins into the depths of the sea.” – Micah 7:18-19

John G. Lake once said, “If there was one gift I could give to the world, it would be hunger for God.” For any individual who begins to hunger after the true knowledge of God, and decides to take the incredible journey of discovery into His heart, they will inevitably and undoubtedly encounter one of the great enigmas and seeming contradictions in all of salvation history – How can a God of love also be a God of wrath? This tension that we discover in His character should be one that draws us to Him in sincere inquisition, not away from Him in hopeless despair. For it is in asking, seeking, and knocking that God unveils Himself to us in a way that produces worship rather than the bitterness that plagues so many related to this tension they find in His character.

In order to reconcile the mercy of God with the wrath of God we must first understand His justice. In order for God to be perfectly holy He must also be perfectly just. It would not be merciful for a judge to let an unrepentant, convicted murderer go free – it would be criminal. For a judge to be just he must execute the requirements of the law without compromise. The penalty for wrongful doing must be paid by the one convicted. Only then is the judge expediting justice, and thus preserving the peace and equity of a society.

In a similar way we can understand the justice of God by the way He holds individuals accountable for their actions in life. He alone will stand as judge at the end of the age as He renders decisions over every person concerning their eternal destiny. God is Holy and transcendent. For Him to allow a person who is guilty of violating the moral requirement of His righteous law into His kingdom would be equal to endorsing that which is opposed to His very nature. It would not be just. It would be criminal.

Understanding this context then leads us to ponder how a holy God can extend mercy to sinful human beings, while at the same time maintaining His justice? The answer, simply put, is the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The cross is the greatest expression of God’s desire to give mercy to humanity rather than justice. It is also the basis upon which all mercy is extended to humans. In Jesus, God satisfied His justice concerning sin when He poured out His wrath on His own Son.

The wrath of God is His righteous indignation against that which is in opposition to His holy character. The penalty for all sin is the wrath of God. Jesus, having fulfilled all the righteous requirements of God’s holy law, was the only human being to ever live a complete life of sinless perfection. As such He is the only One worthy to be offered up as a sacrifice on behalf of man’s sin. In other words, while sin entered the world through one man, Adam, all sin was atoned for through one Man, Jesus Christ. Therefore, while all inherit death through the sin of Adam, all may inherit life through the righteousness of Christ.

Only at Calvary was the justice of God satisfied. It is there that He executed judgment against sin on behalf of all mankind as He poured out His wrath (penalty for sin) on Jesus Christ. The most severe judgment God ever administered was upon Jesus at the cross.

The chief motive for all that God does is love, for He is love (1 John 4:9-10). In Isaiah 53:10 it says that it “pleased” God the Father to “crush” His own Son. This passage is a reference to the crucifixion of Christ. How could Father God be “pleased” with pouring out His wrath on His only begotten Son? The bible teaches that the reason is because at the cross “mercy triumphed over judgment” and provided a context for God to fully express His desire for all mankind to be saved. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)” When God extends mercy to a person He does so out of love revealed through the cross. When He executes judgment upon on an individual He does so out of love revealed through His justice.

It has been said that sin committed in secret on earth is open scandal in heaven. The cross is the place where the outrage of man’s sin collides with the magnificent holiness of God. It is at the cross where we can reconcile God’s love with His wrath. Therefore, the question is not how a God of love could also be a God of wrath, but how couldn’t a God of love be a God of wrath?

Let me give an illustration to solidify this point. God has blessed my wife and I with two beautiful children – a son and a daughter. I can tell you with confidence that if ever someone broke into our house to harm my family in any way they would see a different side of my character than folks see when I’m attending a worship service. I consider myself to be a loving person, nevertheless, the individual breaking into my house would experience that love manifested in an entirely different way.

In the same way our Father in Heaven will not compromise His holiness, nor violate the love that He has for His children by allowing unrepentant sinners to enter His kingdom. He is extending mercy out of love to all who will accept His offer of forgiveness through Christ, but He will not force anyone to receive it.

Refusing the free gift of God’s mercy necessitates that one receive His justice without mercy. This refusal is paramount to choosing to bear one’s own punishment for sin. The message of the gospel (the good news of eternal salvation through Christ) confronts each individual with a decision whether they will accept God’s sacrifice for sin, in which His wrath was taken for them, or forsake this provision, in which case His wrath will be unleashed upon them – forever.

In either case God will not violate His justice. Neither will He suspend one attribute of His character to exercise another; He will fully embody love, justice, and mercy as one reality within His being as He dispenses judgment on all who refused His offer of mercy and forgiveness. Everyone who goes to hell will have done so over God’s dead body.

I recently had an opportunity to share this message with a young man who did not know God. Towards the end of our conversation I asked Him, based on all that I had shared, if he was willing to go to heaven. He answered yes. I informed him that he needed only to receive God’s mercy by surrendering His life to Christ, and turning away from his sins. After leading him in a short prayer he lifted his head with a smile that stretched from ear to ear. That smile was the evidence of a man who had just been forgiven of every wrong thing he had ever done.

If you are reading this and have never made the decision to accept God’s mercy into your life, I would encourage you that If you will open your heart to Jesus in humble repentance, and choose to live your life for Him now, God promises through His word, that you will inherit eternal life in the age to come. Beloved, we were created for eternity, this life is but a vapor, may we live our life for God now that we might experience His life forever!